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Telegraph Creek

Telegraph Creek Project

We are asking catechists from across the nation to help in replacing Denise’s atrium materials.  Read more and sign up here to help.

The idea for this project was born at the February Level 1 course in Edmonton and was brought forward to the board by Susan Perna. 

For the past six years, Denise, a CGS catechist, and her husband have worked as lay pastoral administrators in Telegraph Creek and Dease Lake, remote communities in northern BC.  They serve mainly the Tahltan First Nations. In the summer of 2018 while they were away in southern BC giving birth to their sixth child, the church and rectory at Telegraph Creek burned to the ground, destroying the atrium and all its materials.  Denise’s letter speaks about their life and family in more detail. She would like to re-open the atrium in the new year if possible. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what materials are needed?

When you click on the "Yes I Want to Help" button, you will be shown a spreadsheet listing all the materials still required by the Telgrapgh Creek atrium. You wll be able to scroll through the list to decide what you are able to contribute.

How are the materials going to get up to Telegraph Creek?

When you sign up, you are also agreeing to take responsibility for shipping the materials to Telegraph Creek.

Does Telegraph Creek need materials for all three levels?

No, at the moment, the Telegraph Creek atrium is only offering Level One.