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Things to Consider

"The most carefully prepared environment will be of little use if the catechist is not also carefully prepared."1

We Value In-person Formation to Maintain the Integrity of CGS

Preparing adults to serve children in an atrium environment for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd has been based upon giving the adult a prayerful, retreat-like experience of an encounter through the Word of God and the Liturgy in the prepared atrium environment similar to what the child experiences.

The Formation Experience is ...

  • Prayerful and ReflectiveParticipants are immersed in the Word of God in a community atmosphere

  • Sensorial: Participants are given occasions to touch and work with the materials as the children would.

  • Practical: Participants have the opportunity:

    • to observe how materials are made and arranged in the atrium environment,

    • to make some of the materials by hand,

    • to practice the presentations as it would be given to the children.

All of these elements give a holistic approach to understanding how to work with children with respect and sensitivity.

Expectations for Course Hosts

​Requirements for hosting a course include:

  • An atrium space with additional formation space for adult participants

  • Prepared atrium materials made for the presentations of the course level offered

  • Support of the local parish(es) and diocese

  • Minimum of 10 registered course participants

For more information, contact

1. Gobbi, Gianna, Listening to God With Children, Chapter 2, 11

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