Build community and help CGS grow in Canada

Who can be a member?

All are welcome!  You may be a catechist, a parent, or simply an interested supporter.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Access to the members-only area of the website, including the Forum and Resource areas

  • Reduced fees for courses and events

  • Fellowship and support through gatherings, committees, and communications

  • CGSAC publications: "Reflections from the Sheepfold" and "Fruit of the Vine"

  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting

Members are eligible to attend and vote at the 2021 AGM if their 2021 membership is purchased by Sept. 30, 


What does membership cost?

Choose from four annual plans.  Pay by credit card or cheque.

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Joining CGSAC is easy!

1.  Create a login (email and password)

2.  Choose a membership plan