Helping children draw nearer to God


We are the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Association of Canada!

We are formed exclusively for the charitable purpose of advancing Christian religion by educating children and adults in the religious tenets, doctrines and observations of mainline Christian churches across Canada.


Our Mission

To assist the involvement of adults and children in a common religious experience in which religious values of childhood, especially those of contemplation and enjoyment of God, predominate.

Charity BN/Registration No.: 82725 0945 RR0001


  • CGSAC works for our members promoting spirituality for the children of Canada
  • CGSAC is a democratic organization that respects the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to each member
  • CGSAC's governing body is the Board of Trustees
  • CGSAC's bylaws govern its operation

Our Board Members

Dorothy Burns, Chair Dorothy Burns, Newsletter Claire Reis, Secretary Murita Chua, Membership Monica Perry, Communication Therese Wright, Formation Deborah Baker, Treasurer Cynthia Foster, Member at Large Lucie McElligott, Member at Large *************************************************************** Do you have questions about the website? Contact:

CGSAC Initiatives

Telegraph Creek.JPG
Telegraph Creek Project

Canada-wide outreach in response to a devastating loss.

guidelines image.png
Guidelines for Re-opening the Atrium

Discuss guidelines with your pastor and implement them in accordance with the most up to date local municipal health guidelines.

One Flock, One Shepherd Giving Campaign

Our annual fundraising campaign.