Level One Course Materials

For adults working with the 3-6 year-old child 

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The Religious Potential of the Child, 3-6 Years Old (3rd Edition)

Sofia Cavalletti

Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago 2020. ISBN 9781616715182

joyful journey.jpg


The Good Shepherd and the Child, A Joyful Journey, 2nd Edition.

Sofia Cavalletti, Patricia Coulter, Gianna Gobbi, Silvano Quattrocchi Montanaro M.D., Rebekah Rojcewicz

Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago 2013. ISBN 978-1-61671-178-8

listening to god.jpg


Listening to God With Children

(temporarily out of print; used copies available)

Gianna Gobbi

Treehaus Communications 1998.
ISBN 1-886510-14-8

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The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in a Parish Setting

Tina Lillig

Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago 1998. 
ISBN: 9781616714239

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Mustard Seed Preaching

Ann M. Garrido

Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago. 

ISBN 1-56854-555-X