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Course Evaluations

Winnipeg: Level 1, Part B
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Formation Facilitators:


Heather Skublics Lampman

Koreen Hrizai

Sr.Bibiana Akpana Ikwun, HHJC

Part 1 - Formation Experience
The Pace

The Pace is well-planned. We have adequate time to understand each topic.

Good pace. Sometimes ahead of schedule which is always nice. Day 3 had lots of presentations no work or practice time but I personally appreciated it because I was auditing and mostly there to refresh on that part.

Felt more rushed at the beginning of the course since it was material I had never been exposed to however very rarely did I feel rushed.

The Pace was good. I could follow the course even English sometimes was my barrier. However, this is my own problem that I found some Sunday afternoons were challenge for me to focus on studying because I had to work through my phone messages (I had to deal some problems as my ministry in my church working time).

Excellent. I felt that enough time was given to each section to allow things to sink in.

I think the course went at a good pace. Sometimes it felt overwhelming with many presentations in one time frame.

The Presentations

The presenters came prepared every single time. They gave us chance to take notes during the presentations but there are cases where they will require us to listen attentively to the presentation and note-taking will be discussed after. I believe that is a good approach to some of those complicated topics.

Excellent. Love entering into the presentations even as an adult.

Apart from glitches in finding parts of the materials (since we were using different atriums) the presentations were well organized and very well presented.

The presentations were good. I learned a lot from different people. Heather, Maureen, Regina and Louise gave so interesting presentations. We also had time to practice. I found watching them doing the presentations was easy but when I did it, it was not easy as I have thought.

Well focused. Not a lot of extra talk.

Presentations were well. Sometimes it was confusing. Also it is hard to pay attention and write descriptive notes while listening to the presentation. The materials were great. Songs were great. Learned a lot from watching the presentations

Album Page Writing

Instructors guided us patiently with our album pages. They gave us time to work on it and submit it to them for review.

Good insight, background knowledge and references provided to do so.

Again, at first it was more challenging however I was able to better prepare and grasp the rhythm by the last sessions

The instructions for writing Album Pages were clear and good. Heather and sr Bibiana were devoted time to correct the album pages for me. I found difficult to do the Album Pages as the beginning, but day by day and with a lot of instructions, I felt easier to do them.

Given ample guidance, instructions very clear. Marked album pages were returned quickly.

It definitely takes a lot of practise to write album pages. I feel like we could use a bit more time working together on these because it is such a big part to the course. The direct aim and POC can be quite similar and hard to distinguish. They are helpful tools though.

Album Page Writing
Practicum Sessions

Because of their clear demonstrations, our practicum is very enjoyable and we were able to confidently do it with our partners together. And the instructors were able to observe and correct our actions.

Not sure what is meant by practicum sessions but if practice I did not participate in any practice times as I was auditing this portion of the course

Wonderful. Well organized. Plenty of material to choose from. Shown and explained the significance of the material on many occasions.

Practice teaching for two people was good. However, I think each leaner should have one practicum presentation for the group (she/he might do the one she/he writes the album pages. Doing the materials were really interesting me.

Nice to have, always go by too fast.

Went well. Had time to reflect, work and practise with material. Heather and others helped when needed and helped us improve.

Practicum Sessions 
How the Course Fed Participants Spiritually

I am very happy and grateful to encounter this course. It has helped me with my spiritual journey and given me a clearer meaning of my purpose in life - to evangelize children and bring them closer to our God.

Excellent prayers used and shared, love presentations for personal reflection and contemplation. Participating in mass on Sunday is a bonus!

Bible verses which are part of atrium stood out for me during my Bible reading time, at mass. Through others sharing their faith. Greater desire and need to grow in prayer and be humble before God.

I was nurtured from the course and from the other sharing. CGS was not only teach me how to come to the children and bring God to them, but also it nurtured and feed my spiritual life.

Not sure.

It makes me want to do more. It’s inspiring to see how moving this program is, bringing people together and wanting to help others. It has touched my heart and gives me hope that I can help touch others hearts through the Holy Spirit. I learn something new each time we meet and hope to continue to.

The Spirituality and General Environment
What Participants will always remember about this course

Aside from the powerful sessions and learning from each presentation, reflection, and discussion. I will take away the beautiful relationship with the entire formation team of facilitators and fellow students.

Love being able to participate in a course at my own parish and atrium.

Friendly atmosphere
Made Connections with other participants during breaks
Stories of children‘s response

So many things that speak to me a lot, but the image of a Good Shepherd carry the sheep on his shoulders is always in my mind. The image of care, forgiveness, love and compassion that remain in my heart. I know that there will be many challenges and difficult to change a Catechism system in my parish. However, that image give me inspire and encourage to bring CGS to my church in the future.

Hospitality of our hosts.

The passion and love everyone has. Wanting to help others grow and help the future of the church.

What participants will always remember
What Participants would change

I believe everything is well-planned. Nothing to suggest.

Can’t think of anything

For me a lot of terms were foreign. I would have liked a mentor or someone I could have gone to who would explain, note taking, album page, any questions that arise.

1. Change my thought: "Open my mind to receive and make a change for my old catechism program that I inherited from what I had learned in Vietnam"
2. Change my heart: "I fall in love with Bibles, Jesus and the church more when I had chance to learn CGS"
3. Change my attitude: "I come to the children not as a teacher but as a good shepherd who love, care and know my catechism children as they are"

A more regular schedule of classes.

Nothing I can think of.

What participants would change
Part 2 - Formation Team and Course Host
Feedback for Formation Team

To the whole formation team, thank you for all your hard work and guidance. I gain a lot of knowledge throughout this course. Heather has been a very amazing instructor as she tries to always manage to give us both the theories and presentations in the best way and clearest way she could. Sis Bibiana and Regina, Louise, Koreen, and Judith have also been a great help and thankful for their wisdom during the demonstrations and discussions.

They all do so much to prepare for these events and is very much appreciated. Positive, helpful, focused,

Review your prescription and keep it few words (3-6 ye olds) need more time to practice at centers

The Team is professional and well prepared. They are very patience and devotion.

Thank you.

Sometimes I feel it is hard to approach some of the coordinators. The lessons were great but it can get confusing when presenter forgets or adds too much to a presentation.

Feedback for Formation Team
Feedback for Course Host

The hosts at all the venues were friendly and accommodating. We always feel welcome every time.

No input on lodging but nice to offer the option.
Food was lovely.
I enjoyed the site very much since it is my parish so felt very comfortable. Loved being able to go outside for lunch.

Food was fantastic. All locations were great. Host took really good care of us.

I appreciate Koreen and those who host the place for us to study. They are very thoughtful and considerate. Changing different parishes to study helped me learn more about the different Atrium, and it also was the good chance for me to get to know more the areas, more people and more parishes. Food, snack, tea, coffee and everything were great.

Thank you!!

Everything was wonderful. I am grateful for all the hospitality each parish and individuals shared with me and everyone.

Feedback for Course Host
Part 3 - How can we help you continue to grow in this work?
How Participants Plan to Use Formation

How Participants Plan to Use Formation
contact me
Participants Who Would Like to Be Contacted re: Mentoring

Suggestions for Continued Support

I am not sure if I am 100% aware of the different events of CGS Canada, but it would be nice to have regular quarterly meet-ups whether in-person or online to support one another.

Website and podcast are excellent resources that I have accessed in the past and plan to continue using

I am a religious sister and I am working for a Vietnamese Parish as a coordinator of catechist. One thing that I concerned is when I start CGS in my parish, how can we continue it for a long. we need the resource persons to continue even when I won't work for them in the future. Therefore, accepting my scholarship applications for my parish future CGS training catechists that is a great support. Thank you very much.

How can we find out about changes to wording of cards, materials, retired presentations etc.

Further Suggestions
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