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April 22, 2020: Staying in Touch …Our new website

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

April 2020

Dear CGSAC members and friends,

We are grateful for the creative initiatives by many catechists motivated by their love for children and families during this time of pandemic. It is at this time that we contemplate once again that CGS formation enjoys a retreat-like experience, so fundamental to preparing the spirit of the catechist and child. Many of you have been effectively in touch with your atrium families through video conference or phone calls as demonstrated by the beautiful submissions to the new CGSAC website forum. You are demonstrating that evangelization of families continues through the co-wondering together after a proclamation of scripture or the experience of liturgical celebrations through signs. We know that quiet contemplation is happening at home by the photos and stories sent to us of the works of our children and the photos of prayer spaces they have prepared.

Mark your Calendars for an “Online Zoom Gathering” of CGSAC members

Something new! Let's stay connected in prayer and fellowship with an Online Zoom Gathering.

Save the date - Monday, May 4 at 8pm EST.

More details will be found soon in the Members Area of the new website. (If you are not yet a member or need to renew, please do that before the gathering so we can make sure you have access.)

Just for Parents

Send parents to this page for ideas and resources for sharing faith in their home!

The Forum

A communication tool in the Members Only section of our new website is The Forum. Let’s support one another by continuing to share stories, pictures and ideas to build up our CGS family across Canada and within our own communities under “General Discussions” in this place.

For those of you involved in an established atrium, are just starting up an atrium or who have completed part of a course, which is now postponed to a later date, a good way to stay connected and to answer your questions is to connect with other catechists and the formation team. We are here to help you with all your questions about materials, setting up your atrium space, questions about album pages, the importance of practical life, the administration of your atrium and children’s presentations and many more concerns that come up as you prepare for the time when we are able to return to be with your children in the atrium. These discussions take place in a folder by level 1 ,2 or 3 and may lead to further opportunities for group discussions by way of video conferencing on particular topics of interest.

For formation facilitators and those in formation, there is an area dedicated to you in the forum as well. Make it what you want it to be to serve your needs at this time.

List Your Atrium

Please take 5 minutes to “list your atrium” under the “Atrium” tab of the home page of our website. This is a “do-it-yourself” listing and will be a great resource for families looking for an atrium in their area to send their children. There are no requirements to have your atrium listed. We simply want to promote the hard work you are doing to bring the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to as many families as possible. With your help we hope to soon have a complete listing of atriums across Canada. Please tell others you know about listing their atrium.

Formation courses

All dates and locations are listed under the “Courses” tab. As registration deadlines approach, we will make decisions about postponing courses to later dates in consultation with the host communities and their participants and the formation team. These courses will take place… all in God’s time!

In gratitude for your dedication to this great work,

Your CGSAC Board and Website Committee,

Deborah Baker, Dorothy Burns, Murita Chua, Cynthia Foster, Claire Hubert, Lucie McElligott, Therese Wright, Rebecca Malone and Paula Rush


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