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Final Hours of Silent Auction!

Our silent auction will close tonight at 11:45 pm Pacific Daylight Time. But do not despair! There is still time to view 18 items available and place a bid!

Some people have had difficulty figuring out how to bid. Hopefully, these instructions will help:

1. Visit the CGSAC auction. Click on the green button "View all items." Peruse the items at your leisure.

2. When you are ready to bid, first create a login with the auction site. (It is completely independent of CGSAC so it will not know who you are.) This is done in the upper right hand corner of the screen by clicking on the word "Login." You could also use this link.

3. Now you are ready to place your bid. Enter the amount of your bid in the space provided, and then click on the dark blue button, "Place My Bid." You will receive an email to thank you for your bid.

4. Should someone outbid you in the following hours, you will receive another email to let you know. A link in the email will take you back to the item where you can bid again (should you wish to, of course! 😉)

Happy bidding! There are some hidden treasures there!


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