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Helping children draw nearer to God

“The prepared environment is called the ‘atrium’...

it is a place of spiritual retreat…

in which work easily becomes prayer…

a place of worship where children and adults

celebrate the Word together” 

- Sofia Cavalletti, “Characteristics of the Good Shepherd Catechesis

  • Sacred Space
    An atrium is sacred space. It is set apart for children so that they may grow in their relationship with God. The environment is specially prepared to nurture young children in the Christian faith. It is less of a classroom and more of a place of communal contemplation and worship.
  • Where can I find an atrium?
    An atrium can be prepared in a church, school, or home. Search for an atrium near you.
  • How much space is needed?
    About 400 square feet of dedicated space is optimal for an atrium, but smaller areas work fine given a little bit of organization and imagination!
  • My parish does not have a room to dedicate for an atrium
    Shared rooms have been used effectively in many parishes. Movable cupboards that can be closed and locked are often a solution. It is a good form of evangelization for the rest of the parish to glimpse the religious life of the children.

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