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Alexandria Fung

85 Augusta Crescent

London ON

N6E 2C9




Course Details and Funding Request


Level 1B


North Bay, ON


July 17, 2022, 4:00:00 a.m.

Course Tuition: $


Amount Requested: $


Why are you interested in taking this formation at this time?

I completed Level 1A training with Susan Perna at St. Patrick's Vancouver (2019), while very pregnant with my daughter. While on mat leave and further to COVID restrictions, ongoing training has been put on hold. I will begin a new job: Pastoral Minister to Families & Sacramental Preparation at two parishes in London, ON, in June 2022, and have the support of the pastor to launch CGS. This formation is something I have wanted to do for years, to support my children in their faith formation; and that I will soon have opportunity to facilitate for families in my community through my new ministry position.

Tell us about how you plan to use your formation.

Further to my role of Pastoral Minister to Families and Sacramental Preparation (beginning June 2022), I will be launching a CGS atrium for families of the two parishes I will be working at, beginning with a Level 1 Atrium and adding levels as I complete certification. I will further apply training to the sacramental preparation programs that I will be responsible for (Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, RCIA Adapted for Children).


Spingbank Catholic Family of Parishes (coming soon)


I will be the Director

Previous Scholarships:

If you have previously received funding from the scholarship fund please answer the questions below:

For which level of formation did you receive the funding?

Level 1A

How much did you receive?


How have you used the formation for which you received funding?

I received a scholarship in 2019 while completing Level 1A out of personal interest - I cannot recall how much this scholarship was for. I have applied what I have learned to faith formation of my children, and of friends' children. In my current Diocesan role, I have promoted CGS training to persons in the Diocese of London, and facilitated workshops about the pedagogy in the formation of lay ecclesial ministers responsible for young people and families. I look forward to ongoing CGS training so that I am knowledgeable and skilled in setting-up an atrium at the parishes I will work at, beginning June 2022.

Additional Financial Considerations: 

Are there other financial factors you would like us to consider when reviewing your application? (eg. Travel costs, accommodation, child care, etc.)  

I will be travelling from London, ON, to complete Level 1B. While I have the support of my parish (employer) to complete this training, the total cost of membership, tuition, travel, accommodations, and food, exceeds $2,000. Any financial assistance to offset these costs so that I may continue with my training, and development of an atrium locally, is most appreciated.

What other financial support is available to you? (eg. Parish)



Name of Reference #1:

Rev. Michael Bechard

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Name of Reference #2:

Susan Perna

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If scholarship is approved to whom should we make out the cheque?

Alexandria Fung