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Gloria Grohovac

5827 Riverbend Road Northwest

Edmonton AB

T6H 5A8




Course Details and Funding Request


Calgary Level 1, Part A


St. Peter's RC Church, Calgary AB


September 9, 2022, 6:00:00 a.m.

Course Tuition: $


Amount Requested: $


Why are you interested in taking this formation at this time?

I am an Elementary Teacher by training, and now a stay-at-home mom to two little ones, and a third arriving later this autumn. My 4 year-old son is attending our atrium program at St. Andrew's Parish in Edmonton, Alberta. I have been asked to be a volunteer at our atrium, and completed all the requirements to officially start this fall. I really love the Montessori approach to educating our children, and I am very impressed by the beauty of the atrium and it's hands-on approach to learning about our Catholic faith for little ones.

Tell us about how you plan to use your formation.

I plan to use my formation to work with 3-6 year olds in our level 1 atrium where there are 12 children attending. The diocese of Edmonton is interested in expanding the program to more parishes, and there will be a need for many more trained teachers and volunteers, and I would like to be a part of that.


St Andrew's Parish atrium, Edmonton Alberta


Emma Marple

Previous Scholarships:

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Additional Financial Considerations: 

Are there other financial factors you would like us to consider when reviewing your application? (eg. Travel costs, accommodation, child care, etc.)  

I may need a vehicle while taking the course in Calgary, depending on where I stay. If transit is not a reasonable option, then I plan to rent a vehicle for the week of the course. I hope to stay with friends or hosts to cut down on the costs for accommodation.

What other financial support is available to you? (eg. Parish)

I plan to ask for financial support from the KofC, CWL, Sisters of Providence, and St. Andrew's parish for assistance with the extra costs for travel as needed, such as a car rental (approximately $350/week) or other costs.


Name of Reference #1:

Grace Jewett

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Name of Reference #2:

Colleen Rouleau

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If scholarship is approved to whom should we make out the cheque?

Gloria Grohovac