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Farrah Semegen

3319 Essex Cres.


S4V 2S9




Course Details and Funding Request


Level 1B




April 4, 2022, 6:00:00 a.m.

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Why are you interested in taking this formation at this time?

I have been waiting 2 years to complete my Level 1 training. I am also on maternity leave, so it is a benefit not to have to take time off work, as I would have to take the time off without pay to attend this training at another time.

Tell us about how you plan to use your formation.

I plan to be a Level 1 catechist in the atrium I am currently working in in Regina. I also plan to use my training to enhance how I share my faith at home in our domestic church.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - Holy Rosary Cathedral


Angela Montano

Previous Scholarships:

If you have previously received funding from the scholarship fund please answer the questions below:

For which level of formation did you receive the funding?

How much did you receive?

How have you used the formation for which you received funding?

Additional Financial Considerations: 

Are there other financial factors you would like us to consider when reviewing your application? (eg. Travel costs, accommodation, child care, etc.)  

As I am from out of town, I also have the additional costs of accomodation and chilldcare. Also, being on maternity leave, the cost of the training and accommodations do put a strain on my family's finances.

What other financial support is available to you? (eg. Parish)

The atrium that I am working in can provide a small donation to help with the costs. However, with all of the catechists attending training this year, there is only so much financial support available.


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Angela Montano

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Name of Reference #2:

Cassandra Ursu

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If scholarship is approved to whom should we make out the cheque?

Farrah Semegen