Resolution AGM2020#1

Adopted October 24, 2020

Whereas the board has undertaken a complete review of all policies and procedures as announced at the 2019 AGM;


Whereas all policies are being revised and updated to be in compliance with CRA requirements, the CGSAC By-laws, and have a consistency of format, style and language;


Whereas the board has received legal counsel as to the requirements regarding Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy; and


Whereas the Policies and Procedures committee has invited feedback from numerous individuals regarding Policy 02 and Policy 03 including general CGSAC members, past board members, present board members, formation facilitators, committee members and the international community and responded to that feedback in revising the final drafts of these policies:  


Resolution AGM2020#1: Be it resolved that the document titled CGSAC Code of Ethics, adopted at the AGM in 2012 and revised in 2014, be rescinded and replaced with CGSAC Policy 02 Foundational Statement of Principles and Values and Policy 03 General Member Code of Conduct

Documentation to fully inform you about this resolution includes:

  • CGSAC Code of Ethics

  • Background and Rationale for Resolution

  • Policy 01 Statement of Purpose and Mission

  • Policy 02 Foundational Statement of Principles and Values

  • Policy 03 General Member Code of Conduct

  • Policy 12 Conflict Resolution and Corrective Action

These documents are available to you here

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