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Recommendation Form


Applying to Enter the CGSAC Formation Facilitator Apprenticeship


Your Name:

Fr. Jim Berning, S.D.B.

Your Mailing Address:

2194 Kipling Ave Etobicoke ON M9W 4K9

Your Church or Organization:

Work Phone:

416 743 3830 ext 240

Home Phone:

416 743 3830

Background Information

1. a) In what capacity have you known this catechist?

I drop in to greet those who are in the atrium program as they are parishioners at St. Benedict Parish. There are quarterly meetings I have with the catechist regarding the atrium program, changes that be made in the program and how effective the program is.

1. b) How long have you known this catechist?

> 5 years

Personal Traits

We would like to hear about your experience of working with this catechist; whether in the atrium, in a parish  ministry, or in another context. As you are able, please share your thoughts on the catechists' particular strengths in  each of the following areas and provide supporting examples when possible.

2. In what ways have you seen this catechist exhibit joy, passion, and enthusiasm for the Catechesis of the  Good Shepherd? 

In being with the children; in working with parents; in organizing and coordinating the program; in making materials for the atrium; in sharing the work with others…

Rosella has a great affinity for hospitality, to meet the youth and parents with with a sense of joy which continues in her manner of conducting the sessions. Rosella corresponds with the office when there is need for additional space.

3. We would also like to hear about this catechist’s manner of working with other adults.
Can you name any ways  in which this catechist has identified gifts in and supported the development of other adults;  Can you comment on this catechist’s capacity to collaborate and to welcome others into their work;  Is this catechist comfortable working with individuals at different places in their faith journey? 

Rosella recruits other catechists to help instruct. These volunteers are solid state parishioners and Rosella works closely with them in offering quality lessons. The youth respond well to this approach and become engaged in discussions about the faith.

4.   Please tell us about this catechist’s general characteristics.
How has this catechist demonstrated motivation, reliability,  flexibility, emotional maturity, good judgement, a capacity to be decisive, and a willingness to “pitch-in”?  In which of these areas does this catechist most need to experience growth? Does this catechist have the confidence to receive feedback offered in support of further development as a faith leader?

Rosella has a sense of motivation to engage to the participants. This stems from the relationships that she develops with the families since they are co-parishioners with her at St. Benedict. My impression is that Rosella conviction about the program she instructs brings her to give her full capacity to the participants.

Faith Life

Formation Leaders actively practice their faith through prayer, regular attendance at Mass/The Holy Eucharist, and  involvement in their church community. They seek to deepen their relationship with God through ongoing study of  Scripture and Liturgy.  

5. What have you witnessed of the faith life of this catechist?
What gifts has this person been given to help them answer the call to work fruitfully as a catechist? 

The faith life of the catechist is expressed in her willingness to share the program with others. We have many visitors that come to the parish. Rosella gives them tours which promotes the program's reputation. The gift expressed in this is Rosella's conviction, joy and availability to promoting the program.

6. Is this catechist comfortable speaking about  their faith with others, praying with others, and leading others into deeper contemplation of the mysteries of  God?

Yes. Again this is reflected in the times I have seen her engaged with those receiving tours—she has a way of drawing them into the faith element(s) of the program.


CGSAC Formation Facilitators must demonstrate clarity in both written and oral communications, possess the  organizational and administrative skills to coordinate all aspects of a course, exercise humility, patience and exhibit  a capacity for confidentiality. Please comment on the following leadership / adult facilitator qualities of this  catechist:

7. Public Speaking Ability:
      e.g. speaking about CGS at parent meetings or parish gatherings; speaking  about faith to adults through
      other church ministries such as Baptism preparation.

I don't recall her speaking at parent or parish gatherings.

8. Organization/Administration Ability:
     e.g. setting up an atrium and coordinating the CGS ministry, or  assisting with the hosting of a formation course. Please feel welcome to offer examples of  organizational and administrative abilities outside of CGS. 

Currently, Rosella met with me about changes that will be make in the physical environment so that the program can be more efficacious.


9. Based on what you know about this catechist, what would be the three key strengths s/he would bring to the work of leading adult formation courses?

1. Keeping me informed about the program and following up on areas that I have have questions about.
2. With enthusiasm and joy she promotes the program both when the participants arrive and through the sessions.
3. She promotes the program well with ongoing tours.

10. Based on what you know, what areas could this catechist strengthen, if any, in order to better serve in this role?

Taking the initiative to speak to the Parish about the program during weekend masses.

11. We are required to ask the following question:
              Do you know any reason why this catechist should not be around children or young people?


12. Do you recommend this catechist for acceptance to the CGSAC Formation Facilitator Apprenticeship?


By clicking the button, "Submit Reference Information," you authorize the CGSAC Director of Formation to share your contact information with the CGSAC Review Committee and/or the CGSUSA Formation Leader International Discernment Committee for the purposes of a follow-up call as part of the review for recommendation of the above-named catechist as a Formation Facilitator Apprentice. 

Thank you for taking the time to write on behalf of this catechist.

Your Privacy

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (the "CGSAC") is committed to preserving your right to privacy. We ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained and the collection, use and disclosure of your information is in compliance with the applicable provincial and federal privacy laws. The personal information collected through this process is not distributed to any private organizations except as stated in this document and is not used for commercial marketing. Your information will be used as part of the record for recognition as a CGSAC Formation Facilitator. Any personal information you provide to the CGSAC is managed in accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and other applicable federal and provincial privacy legislation. If you have any questions about the collection of your personal information, or wish to view the full privacy policy, contact

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