Summative Feedback
for the Review Committee

Progress Towards Recognition as a Formation Facilitator

Apprentice Name:
Mary of Bethany
FF Name:
Martha of Bethany

1. Has this apprentice been open to your feedback and willing to focus on areas that require further practice?

sort of

2. Do you have concerns about this person that may affect her/his ability to continue in formation as a CGSAC formation facilitator?

yes. she does no work

3. Which skills and/or presentations have you identified  and communicated to the apprentice to focus on in the next level one course she/he co-facilitates?

help set up the course

4. What would you suggest be covered in a FF workshop  or  FF course that would give this apprentice greater knowledge and confidence to facilitate a level one course?

public speaking

5. If this apprentice is currently in stage one, working with two experienced formation facilitators:
Do you feel this apprentice is  ready to begin stage two of the apprenticeship period?
i.e. is capable of  carrying half the workload of the formation team


if she steps it up

6. If this apprentice is currently in stage two, working with only one other experienced formation facilitator:
Do you feel they are ready to be recognized as a Formation Facilitator?


nice try, Mary

Any Further Comments:

great at listening to the Word

Thank you for taking the time to observe and provide feedback on this apprentice formation facilitator. Your guidance  ensures we continue to offer the best quality CGS formation possible and help CGS catechists to grow in their roles as a confident formation facilitator, able to pass on the gift of CGS handed down to us by Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna Gobbi.