Fruit of the Vine

Dear Friends of CGS in Canada,

CGSAC is planning a new publication called "Fruit of the Vine" which will come out at the end of the atrium year (June).

We hope to include the testimony of people from all across Canada, from all walks of life (catechists, parents, grandparents, pastors, etc.), who have witnessed this fruit.


We want to hear your anecdotes, long or very short!


Please consider filling out this form with the CGS stories that have inspired you, so others may also be inspired. 

Are you connected with a CGSAC atrium?

If you have photos or artwork please feel free to upload them here.

This form can take up to five submissions.

Remember, if you are sharing photos/artwork, you will need to submit a consent form (please find below) before publication.

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Parental Consent Form

Download the consent form by clicking the button to the left.

Send the completed consent form to:

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Thank you for taking the time to share your joy!


By submitting this form, you are giving CGSAC permission to publish and distribute your anecdote.

If you have included the names of children or adults, please ensure you have been given permission to publicize these names before submitting this form. Additionally, if you are using the names of children, please download and fill out the Parental Consent form above. Email completed form to

CGSAC reserves the right to edit all submissions.