A formation experience for adults working with the 6-9 year-old child in a parish or school setting.

The Level 2 course lays the foundation of the theory and practices of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for the 6-9 year old child.
This 97+ hour course prepares the adult to develop and facilitate an atrium for this age group.

"Covenant" is the focus of Level 2. We consider God's self-revelation in relationship with us. This theme of Salvation History is explored through the use of timelines of God’s saving presence. We also take a deeper look at the sacraments, and work on the maxims and moral parables of Jesus.  Using the parables of the True Vine and the Good Shepherd, we contemplate the question, “How am I called to live in covenant relationship?” The course is presented in the Roman Catholic tradition but includes awareness of material adaptations to the Anglican, Lutheran and Orthodox traditions.

Come and Learn...

...to nurture the spiritual needs and capacities of the 6-9 year old child. ...to engage the child in the work of Level 2 by listening together to the Word of God and proclaiming the Good News. ...to guide the 6-9 year old into the mystery of the Kingdom of God through the words of scripture and the prayers of the church. ...to reflect on the words of Jesus, particularly those that guide this child’s moral decisions and actions. ...to prepare a Level 2 atrium and make some Level 2 materials.


Certificate in Level 1. It is recommended that Part A be completed before attending Part B. Please consult with the Formation Team if you have questions.


  • 100% attendance and engagement in group discussions, prayer and simulated presentations using the materials.
  • 10 hours minimum observation in a level 2 atrium and/or elementary 6-9 Montessori classroom.
  • Completion of 10 personal and 10 group album pages.
  • Completion of all assigned reading.


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RPC 6-12.jpg


The Religious Potential of the Child 6-12 Years Old. 

Sofia Cavalletti

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The History of the Kingdom of God, Part 2, Liturgy and the Building of the Kingdom. 

Sofia Cavalletti

Liturgical Training Publications, Chicago 2013. ISBN 978-1-61-671-090-3



Drinking from the Sources

Sofia Cavalletti & Patricia Coulter

Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago 2015. ISBN: 978-1-61671-247-1

HCG part 1.jpg


The History of the Kingdom of God, Part 1, From Creation to Parousia.

Gianna GobSofia Cavalletti

Liturgical Training Publications, Chicago 2012. ISBN 978-1-61-671-048-4

mustard seed.jpg


Mustard Seed Preaching

Ann M. Garrido

Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago. 

ISBN 1-56854-555-X



Ways to Nurture the Relationship with God

Sofia Cavalletti & Patricia Coulter

Liturgical Training Publications,  Chicago 2010. ISBN:978-I-56854-920-0


Vancouver Level 2, Part A


1370 W 73rd Ave., Vancouver, BC V6P 3E8

St. Anthony Padua School

Winnipeg, Level 2 Part B


4588 Roblin Blvd., Winnipeg, MB., R3R 0G4

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