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Course Evaluations

Ottawa: Level# 1, Part A


Dale Balkovec

Feedback for Course Host

The snacks were great and much appreciated. It would have been nice if we had been in an air conditioned space. The toilets deteriorated throughout the time we used them.

The course site, though a beautiful church in a beautiful area, and central location, lacked air conditioning. The basement felt stuffy, the Atrium was not easily accessible and where we had our presentations was crowded.
The food provided was wonderful and sustained us throughout the day.

Our snacks were wonderful. The welcome was lovely. The course hosts were fantastic. I would have liked to have a stronger wifi connection or to be informed that really internet wasn't a possibility and would need therefore to rely on hand written notes from day one. I figured it out eventually - I just would have planned to bring a better notebook if I knew my laptop wasn't going to be conducive to the spaces. Perhaps tables closer to outlets if computers are a reality (laptop batteries only last so long).

Everything was perfect.

i don't have anything to offer. Only to say, thank you! the food was so amazing. The location although hot, it was great.

Loved the atrium. Thank you to Blessed Sacrament Church for hosting us. Thank you to the volunteers who set up the snacks!

The hospitality and snacks were great.
The location was not ideal given the fact that we did not spend much time in the actual atrium.

Site was centrally located. Snacks and hospitality were fantastic. As mentioned about air quality and acoustics were an issue but very difficult to address in an older church.I

The support offered is great. This is a good team. I’m glad I was able to take part.

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