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Course Evaluations

Portage La Prairie:Level #1, Part B


Judith Vasquez

Feedback for Course Host

Food was excellent and so generously donated. May God bless all who shared with us.
Course site was also excellent and it was nice to attend CGS at a parish named after the Good Shepherd! The hosts were great!
Judith cared for all of us throughout very well!

The food was great!

The venue was very appropriate as we had access to an atrium and whatever else we needed for the course. The host (Judith, the priest, Monique and the secretary) went an extra mile to accommodate the needs of all of us. Special thanks for the delicious meals that gave us the energy and the concentration we needed for the course.

Maybe just to have a hosting option available. Besides that, I felt so loved that we had lunch!

It was a lot of food to prepare. The plan was not to feed everyone but we ended up feeding everyone lunch and supper. I think it would have needed to be more clear that we were only preparing food for the facilitators because it became an expectation that people would get fed every day. Praise the Lord for the generosity of the parishioners who made this possible.

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