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Course Evaluation

Calgary Level 1, Part A


Formation Facilitators:

Ellen Schlosser


Paula Sabatini

Anna Boyagoda

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide you with an opportunity to give confidential feedback on this course so that the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Association of Canada (CGSAC) may listen for ways to better serve you. You will not be identified to the formation team or course host. 


There are three parts: 1) Formation Experience  2) Formation Team & Course Host   3) How can we help you?

Part 1 - Formation Experience

The rhythm of formation in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is slow, meditative and retreat-like, allowing
time for receiving presentations as given to a child, reflection, writing album pages, and practicum sessions
in an atmosphere of prayer, respect, collaboration and joy.

Please comment on the following:

Part 2 - Formation Team and Course Host
Part 3 - How can we help you continue to grow in this work?
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Thank-you for your feedback! God bless you in your ministry.

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