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Course Evaluations

Montreal: Level 1, Part B
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Formation Facilitators:


Rosella Lucchitti

Rebecca Malone

Paola Azzuolo

Part 1 - Formation Experience
The Pace

I felt that the formation team did well in alternating activities / room change. The days were long and they made it feel much less heavy.


The pace was fine. I took comfort in the fact that I could focus on the presentation if I wasn't the person tasked with completing a particular album page.

The Presentations



The presentations were given with lots of joy by both facilitators. Their love for what they do was very evident. I feel more attention was needed with regards to process, i.e., showing us how to bring the material to our workspace and how to restore it.

Album Page Writing

As I did not complete part A of the course, it was difficult for me to understand the purpose of the album pages and how to write them. It became clearer over the course of the formation.

not explain properly at the start

I was not present for the first few days, so I missed the explanation provided on album page writing. However, I prefer the album page template provided in this session over the one I received in 2019 when I first took this course.

Album Page Writing
Practicum Sessions

It was interesting to try the material and practice presenting it, however it also felt awkward to do so with fellow adults.

Group practicum was in place.

It is beneficial to watch others present. It can be a little nerve wrecking to present, but it is helpful.

Practicum Sessions 
How the Course Fed Participants Spiritually

I cannot describe how touched I was by this course.


The dialogue between the facilitators and catechists was marvelous because both Paola and Rosella welcomed questions and comments. It was through these discussions that I was fed spiritually.

The Spirituality and General Environment
What Participants will always remember about this course

I will always remember this experience as a whole. It was very challenging for me to attend the course but in the end it was incredibly enriching for me.

friendship beween the two formation facilatators and the group.
The check in with the group energy level

I will remember the joy and presence of Jesus felt with every presentation, as well as all the "a-ha" moments.

What participants will always remember
What Participants would change

Although it would not be practical for people who have to travel to attend, I wish the course would be split in two sessions of three days each. The content of the course is so rich that I wish we would have had a few days in the middle of it to absorb and contemplate on all the information we received.

Give the game plan of the day more clearly.

I would change the process of having to take notes while listening to a presentation. I feel an outline of the presentation should be provided so that all I would have to do is put notes where I see fit as opposed to trying to write almost every word spoken and action made by the facilitator.

What participants would change
Part 2 - Formation Team and Course Host
Feedback for Formation Team

I think the facilitators were so knowledgeable and generous is sharing their experiences (whether good or bad).

Have a game plan for the day and more coordination between each other and the paper work.

I would suggest they repeat the "Point of the Christian Message, Direct Aim and Indirect Aim" more than once.

Feedback for Formation Team
Feedback for Course Host

Rebecca was a most gracious hostess and made sure we were as comfortable as possible.

all good

Feedback for Course Host
Part 3 - How can we help you continue to grow in this work?
How Participants Plan to Use Formation

How Participants Plan to Use Formation
contact me
Participants Who Would Like to Be Contacted re: Mentoring

Suggestions for Continued Support

I would like to propose a suggestion. It would be great if presentations would be available in video format for the people who attended the course, just to have a visual library available. There was so much material in so little time that it is hard to remember details about some of the presentations. Being able to go back and watch the videos would be a great reminder, especially months after the course. Thank you to all the people who work on this program. May God Bless you all :)

In French yes !
Thank you in considering developing the French sector on your site.

Support may be offered by sending pertinent information regarding updates/changed to the CGS program.

Further Suggestions
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