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Course Evaluations

Vancouver Level 2, Part B
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Formation Facilitators:


Deb Zeni

Murita Chua

Carolyne-Marie Petch

Part 1 - Formation Experience
The Pace

Quite fast

I wished that the course could be spread during two weeks . There was a lot's of material to cover in one week.

I missed the regular retreat-like meditative moments like in level 1. It was so packed and I felt we were always hurried so we can finish the offerings for that day. Mostly, we can't accomplished much in a day.

The Presentations

Very insightful

There was a lot of presentation done and by the end of the day I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I have received .

I am very confused about which is adult presentation and which is for the child. I think, everything is for adult and not a chance to figure out which is for the child.

Album Page Writing

A bit confusing at times

The amount of information and receiving presentations didn't leave me much time to write my album pages . I wished after every presentation there was a time set a part to write the album page .It is an important tool for the future because we forget quickly .

So confusing because we took a lot of time in lectio divina, answering questions, looking at the answers together, figuring out the TTDNIM but not knowing how to translate these into an Album Page so we can gain confidence in presentations to children.
I am not equipped to write a proper album page for level 2.

Album Page Writing
Practicum Sessions

Very useful and insightful personally

I wished we had more time to have practicum sessions. everything seemed to go so fast .
Those sessions are very important because they truly teach us how to interact with children .

I need more time and practice to work with the materials and present it to a child. This training did not give us time to do that and again, I feel unequipped after the course.

Practicum Sessions 
How the Course Fed Participants Spiritually

Very well

It was an excellent formation . I was filled with amazing feeling of love of God which can help me with my future endeavours in being CGS Catechist.

Too much theologically information that seemed like feeding me spiritually through lectio divina and many adult moments but I think it's a disservice to the spirit of CGS.

The Spirituality and General Environment
What Participants will always remember about this course

Lectio Divinas

Learning about how to read scripture . The deepness of reading Bible after this course change me forever.

The huge amount of adult moments but less application in the child's perspective.

What participants will always remember
What Participants would change

Too information in one week and every day. Cannot absorb so much in so short a time.

The pace of the course and structure .
After every presentation we should make materials and write album page as it is fresh in our minds according to the presented material and study of the scripture then go to the next presentation.

Lessen the adult moments and be true to the spirit of CGS focused on essentiality. I need to bring back my joy to CGS.

What participants would change
Part 2 - Formation Team and Course Host
Feedback for Formation Team

Slower pace and less information at one time.

The formators were great , excellent knowledge and great Catechists .
I think the amount of information and amount of presentation we received was quite overwhelming.

Deb is very capable but have placed burdens on us whenever she pushes her agenda about her doctoral studies. When she stays on the essentials of CGS, I think she will be awesome. Same is true for Carolyne-Marie.

Feedback for Formation Team
Feedback for Course Host

Great , would not change the thing. On the personal note location was too far for me but I do understand that if it would be closer to me it would be far for others . Maybe a location somewhere where we meet all the people needs. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I am truly grateful to be a part of this beautiful ministry .

Loved the hospitality of the school teachers and host.

Feedback for Course Host
Part 3 - How can we help you continue to grow in this work?
How Participants Plan to Use Formation

How Participants Plan to Use Formation
contact me
Participants Who Would Like to Be Contacted re: Mentoring

Suggestions for Continued Support

Working full time it is very hard to attend retreats and formation meeting but definitely those are very welcome and even refresh courses from time to time too.

Further Suggestions
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