Summative Feedback
for the Review Committee

Progress Towards Recognition as a Formation Facilitator

Paula Rush

1. How has your Mentor (FF observing) provided you with constructive and positive feedback to help you grow in your role as a Level One Formation Facilitator?

which one does it pull up?

2. Which skills and/or presentations have you identified that should be an area of focus when you co-facilitate your next level one course? (Part A and/or Part B)

3. What would you suggest be covered in a FF workshop or FF course that would give you greater knowledge
and confidence to facilitate a level one course?

To the Apprentice in Stage One:

4. Do you feel you are ready to begin stage two of your apprenticeship? In this stage you would work alone with only one experienced formation facilitator on a course, carrying half the workload.

To the Apprentice in Stage Two:

5. Do you feel you are ready  to be recognized as a Formation Facilitator?

Any Further Comments:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this Summative Feedback for the Review Committee. Your feedback helps ensure CGSAC continues to offer the best quality CGS formation possible as you  grow in your  role as a confident formation facilitator, able to pass on the gift of CGS handed down to us by Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna Gobbi.