From the Peaceful Place Atrium
Photo: Judith Gustafsson
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a Christian Ministry for children aged 3-12 years that is based on the Bible and liturgy of the church; it is inspired by the principles of Montessori education. This Ministry provides:
  • An opportunity for children to fall in love with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in a child-friendly space called an atrium – located in a church or school.

  • Guided play to aid meditation on Bible scripture and the mysteries of the Christian faith once a week - in small groups, facilitated by trained adults (catechists).

  • That each child's unique spiritual needs and abilities are respected and nurtured.

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is recognized as a ministry offering religious formation for children by the Anglican and Catholic Churches of Canada.

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Upcoming Formation Courses

  • Guelph, ON: Level 3C – July 2015
    Contact Therese Wright, therese.wright@rogers.com or Deb Zeni, drdzeni@gmail.com
  • Winnipeg, MB: Level 1A – Four sessions: November 21-22 2014, January 10-11, February 27-28, April 24-15 2015
    (Level 1B – planned for 2016) Contact Heather Lampman, heather.skublics@mail.mcgill.ca – 204-478-1915
    Click here to download your copy of the Winnipeg brochure (PDF) for this course
  • Winnipeg, MB: Level 2A – October 19-24 2014 (Level 2B – Details to follow)
    Click here to download a letter of invitation to this course (PDF)
    Click here to download your copy of the Winnipeg brochure (PDF) for this course
    Contact Sr. Bibiana Akpana Ikwun akpanaik@yahoo.com or Regina Ramas-Urbano rrubano@hotmail.com
  • Vancouver, BC: Level 1B – dates to follow
    Contact Murita Chua, Archdiocese of Vancouver ocregistration@rcav.org – 604-683-0281
  • Ottawa, ON: Level 1A – July 13 - 18th, 2015 – Click here to download an information flyer (PDF) – Further details to follow January 2015

Updated December 20, 2014